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Cleekers ladies v-neck t-shirt with printed 4 aces design - Black

Cleekers ladies v-neck t-shirt with printed 4 aces design - Black - Cleekers


Cleekers ladies v-neck t-shirt with printed 4 aces design - Black

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This premium black 100% cotton t-shirt is soft to the touch with a comfortable light weight feel. The casual and moderate v-neck and short sleeves makes this t-shirt easy to wear on its own or with a jacket.

The high quality print finish is of a 4 aces design with a skull. The technique in drawing the art has given a sketched styling which has a level of detail not normally achievable in conventional t-shirt manufacture.

The detail and sharpness of the image is due to our high grade production methods and makes this t-shirt stand out among those produced in large numbers.

Size Guide

The sizes listed (8-16) are UK (and AUS) sizes.

Size 8 is equivalent to US/CAN size 4 to fit a bust of 32" or 81 cm.

Size 10 is equivalent to US/CAN size 6 to fit a bust of 34" or 86 cm.

Size 12-14 is equivalent to US/CAN size 8-10 to fit a bust of 36-38" or 91-97 cm.

Size 16 is equivalent to US/CAN size 12 to fit a bust of 40" or 102 cm.

The model in the photographs is 5' foot 6" (168 cm) wearing a size 8.

About Our Products

Our printed designs use a technology unlike that used in mass production settings. Normally cotton garments are screen printed using an emulsion. This is excellent for printing fine detail, but means the print will fade over time; our system instead bonds polymer to the cotton ensuring both fine detail and longevity.


Other limited production run companies use a process called sublimation where an image is turned from a solid to a gas and used to permanently dye white polyester. It produces an excellent long lasting print but only on white polyester. At Cleekers, we are not limited to white polyester as our bonded polymer designs can be printed to a huge range of materials - black cotton is our favourite.


One production technique that has permeated the market is flex transferring where thin vinyl sheets are cut in to shapes and bonded to the garments. They are hard wearing but extremely limited to simple shapes and letters. Our system at Cleekers combines the advantage of durability from vinyl and the advantage of fine details from screen printing without the drawbacks from either.


At Cleekers, we're big fans of cotton and cotton blends and focus our efforts on printing to materials which are mainly cotton. Cotton is naturally moisture wicking, and when prepared as it is in our premium garments, beautifully soft. This makes for superior comfort when compared to 100% polyester or nylon garments whether wearing casually or for working out.

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Quality Fabric

We use premium materials for all our garments - no flimsy t-shirts like many online and high street sellers. Our garments keep their shape through their wear-wash life

Limited Edition Designs

Our off the shelf items for sale are all produced no more than 1000 times before the design is significantly changed

Special Print System

Our printed garments use a technology that has the benefits of being able to produce fine detail, with a high end finish ensuring your print ages without fading or peeling, but instead with a vintage paint cracking