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The Powerbar's Strongest April '22 Women's Part 1

This was the Powerbar's first "The Power Bar’s Strongest" competition. Cleekers were lucky enough to have been there to catch the women's competition. This is some deadlift footage we captured while we were there and will form part 1 of the women's competition.

England's Strongest Master 2022

Organised by Mark Lawson's North East Strongman Promotions, Ultimate Strongman's England's Strongest Novice 2022 was held at The Yard, Spennymoor on 11th April 2022.


For high quality stills taken by Fat Boy Strong, visit


Due to being an extremely busy period at Cleekers the footage from this event will be processed and uploaded in two parts. Part one here is the footage from the 110 kg Viking press.

Royal Navy Northern Region Powerlifting Champs

Held on the 27th April 2022, the Royal Navy Northern Regional Powerlifting Championship was organised and refereed by Chris Martin at HMNB Clyde (Faslane) and was the first event back post Covid.


Check out the official Royal Navy and Royal Marines Powerlifting Association's Instagram at and check out Chris Martin's account here

UK's Strongest Novice 2022

UK's Strongest Novice (Ultimate Strongman), Northern Strength and Power, Hartlepool, 16th April 2022

Organised by Mark Lawson's North East Strongman Promotions, Ultimate Strongman's UK's Strongest Novice 2022 was held at Northern Strength and Power in Hartlepool on 16th April 2022. The event was sponsored by: The Protein Queen, Martin Bell Car Sales, Graham's Logs, Joey's Waffle House, S.Nicholson & Sons Painting & Decorating, Cerberus & J Denham Metals. The following competitors consented to their information being displayed in the video footage: Adam Kocun, Alan O'Connor, Tom Young, Aaron Wilkinson, Michael Arkwrite, Paddy Lawson, Daniel Maslen, Charles Smith, Connor Carr, Jake Villette, Andrew Williams, Richard Baker, Lewis John Charles Brice & Coby-Jay Jones

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