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About Our Custom Printing

At Cleekers, we pride ourselves on the quality of our custom prints. For our premium custom t-shirts we select the softest cotton with the deepest colour (or brightest for our white cotton) and we use an unconventional but superior print system that when combined with our art team's rendering process, produces stunning and epic results.

Actor and model Ruben Whitter has kindly let us borrow his face to showcase our custom black t-shirt printing. To learn more about Ruben, find him on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

 We asked Ruben to send us nothing fancier than a selfie taken with his phone camera and a plain backdrop.

Taking his selfie, we sharpened and rendered the image so that it would combine with the t-shirt in our unique way.

Ruben asked us to add some text, which customers can easily order using the text fields on our product pages.

We checked with Ruben that he was happy (which we always do with our customers when printing photographs) and printed it to our premium cotton t-shirt.

We think the final result is spectacular. With the shadow depth of the photo being provided by the material of the t-shirt rather than by the print, the image and the garment blend together so that the image is part of the garment rather than merely on the garment.

Model: Ruben Whitter
Photograph of model provided by Ruben Whitter
Photograph manipulation and art: Cleekers
Product production: Cleekers

Article written by Jason Marshall (

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